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hell Came home were very surprised to find themselves climbing charts on reverb nation and gaining so many likes on Facebook it made them stop in their collective tracks. This band of musical hell raisers and their 90's style power groove sound have been building a killer buzz in the mid west area and beyond.

hell Came home started in 2013 when Reed Thomas got together with Danny Dunn with what they both call "A desire to write what we want to hear". They began recording when Reed said "It all just seemed to click", they had something and they knew it.

As pumped as they are with an album out , people have begun to talk and things are happening faster and faster for hell Came home. Fans and industry people alike have said.......

" They are one of the heaviest and sickest new bands I’ve ever heard " , " I play them all the time "
~ Thomas Chrisman / Dj. and U.S. Rock Bandom Radio Manager [www.rockbandomradio.com]

"I got to see these bad ass Indiana guys for the first time today, I loved hell came homes sound. If you have a chance to check them out live...DO IT..!!! YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED ".
~ Fan Shawn Head

Along with a recently signed artist endorsement deal with ISP Technologies , Railhammer Pickups , Galien-Krueger , Dirtbag Clothing , Coldcock Whisky , Intune Guitar Pics and Peridore Custom Sticks these guys are seriously on the move.

Although hell Came home are very excited with what they've accomplished thus far, it's barely a start for them. They have their eye on hitting the road hard according to Reed - "We love what we do, and we work hard to do it, we just want to get out their and play". With the album completed and one waiting in the wings, "we’re ready to get back to what it's all about, the live show and the fans." These guys are ready to take off on the road and tour till they drop.

So what it's all about is this, " we're meant to be doing this, I feel that in my soul. We share a message in our music that we stand tall. we won’t be pushed around. we don’t follow , we lead. " "We hear so many people younger and older who say this is the kind of music they love. How do you go wrong with that.”?


Hell Came Home Members Are....


Danny Dunn



Jeremy Starkey



Reed Thomas



Daniel Isley



Nate Richardson